The International Development Law Organization (“IDLO”) Intellectual Property Impact Programme is the predecessor of the Intellectual Property Law Academy. Under the auspices of IDLO and the Indonesian Alumni Association of IDLO, Prahasto W. Pamungkas*), the then IDLO Intellectual Property Resource Person for Indonesia (2005 – 2010), has successfully organised six (6) training workshops on intellectual property law with the following main topics:

  • Intellectual Property Law in Practice: How to Protect and Enforce IP Rights
  • The Role of the Judiciary and Arbitration in IP Disputes
  • Border Measures, Criminal Measures and Provisional Measures Inaudite Altera Parte
  • Legal arguments on intellectual property litigation, intellectual property licensing and intellectual property audit
  • Protection, Management and Enforcement of IP Rights in the Media Sector
  • Software protection (copyrights, trade secrets, patents and trademarks) and software-patent cross-licensing

Following and repeating the success achieved in the past five years, Prahasto W. Pamungkas, under the auspices of the Intellectual Property Law Academy is planning to organise a series of training workshops (two days each) with the aforesaid main topics and, to the extent necessary, new topics as capita selecta and/or tailor-made topics, subject to the needs, desire and requirements of the audience.

Tailor-made training workshops are aimed at satisfying the needs of companies, research institutes and other organisations for the purpose of capacity building within such companies, institutes or organisations specifically in the context of protection, management and enforcement of their IP Rights.

*) Prahasto W. Pamungkas SH LL.M MCIArb FCIL, Jurist, Linguist, Academician, Expert Resource Person, Past IDLO Intellectual Property Resource Person for Indonesia (